Thea & Theos is an online store which sells women's and men's bags and accessories.  

The variety of the styles on offer was been inspired by the owners two very individual children.  As siblings they couldn't be more different and their personal styles are at extremes.  And yet it is their desire to be themselves that makes them both so beautifully unique.  It is on this foundation of believing that each persons unique individuality is what makes a person's beauty truly shine that Thea & Theos is based on.  

Thea & Theos strives to source a variety of bag styles and accessories currently trending for women and men to assist them in complimenting their own style and it is in this way that everyone can be their own distinct muse.  So whether you define your style as bohemian, chic, tailored, glamorous, eclectic, casual or even corporate, Thea & Theos is there to help provide you with the items that will enhance your individuality.

Being able to provide affordable bags and accessories is also one of the key goals at Thea & Theos.  Nearly all the bags and belts are made of a product called bicast leather (unless otherwise specified) which is a high is a form of vegan leather.  Thea & Theos has selected some of the highest grades of bicast leather, metal hardware as well as silk and cotton lining to provide a finish that looks and feels like a good quality product should yet with a price tag that is more in reach.  

Thea & Theos have personally selected each of the manufacturers that take part in the end-to-end production of the bags and have visited their premises to work together on the design process and selection of materials.  In addition the manufacturers were selected on both professional and ethical standards and as such we feel proud to stand behind them as a team.  In addition to this our suppliers have either acquired their OEKO-TEX certificate or are in the process of doing so.  What this means is that our products are safe and produced with environment friendly processes. 

To to finish off a little bit of information on the brand name.  Thea & Theos is derived from the Greek words used to describe the ancient gods where each of them brought their own unique strengths and abilities to help create the ancient world. 

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