Thea & Theos brand was launched on December 6th, 2015 and was officially approved by PETA as a certified supplier of vegan leather products on May 21st, 2017.  

Thea & Theos is derived from the term used to describe the ancient Greek god and their belief that everyone is made to have their own unique talents and strengths and not be a replica of anyone else.

The brand encourages the wellness of the individual's mind and soul as well as being in tune and respectful of the things around us - nature and all other inhabitants on this beautiful planet of ours.  

As such the products are made with care in mind, avoiding the use of any animal products. 

Providing well made, quality handbags, wallets and hand luggage is the brand's aim keeping designs tasteful and elegant.  This is complimented by a small range of sterling silver jewellery. 

Manufacturers were selected mindfully through lengthy research and actual visits to sites, where seeing firsthand the working conditions and treatment of staff was key before progressing into a working arrangement.  At the same time a personal view of the workmanship and processes were assessed along with ensuring the relevant certifications were acquired which recognised ethical manufacturing standards. 

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